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About car dvd player:

1.How to get clear sound when using FM wireless transmitter?
The frequency of the car dvd ranges from 87.5-89.7, with 12 channels. You can adjust the frequency of your car radio to be the same, or adjust the directions of the FM antenna which is at the rear of the car dvd player.

2.What is the region the in car dvd player?
It is multi-region (region free), suitable for any country.

3.Why car dvd fuse blows when connecting to power source?
Please make sure the power supply should be 12V DC but not 24V DC

About car LCD monitor:

1.Dose it have PAL system?
It is with PAL/NTSC two systems

2.How many AV inputs dose it have?
It has two AV inputs (one is for connection to car dvd player and the other for rear view camera)

3.Does the headrest monitor come with a mounting bracket for a headrest?
Yes, it is with a mounting bracket. And all our models with brackets or screws for installation.

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